Rooted in genius

DUG is a Swedish brand with its roots in science and research by Professor Eva Tornberg at Lund university. It’s where our patented emulsion technology was developed, and where we continue to develop new ways to harness the power of potatoes. Our plant-based drinks are currently sold in stores in Sweden, Ireland and the UK.

The DUG brand is owned by Veg of Lund.

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DUG Original

Pour it in your cereal bowl, mix it into your smoothies, put it in your hot drinks, use it for cooking your favourite dishes or just enjoy it by the glass. DUG Original is your new everyday hero, fit for every occasion.

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DUG Barista

Coffee lovers: meet your new best friend. DUG Barista is a delicious potato-based drink designed to add creaminess to any hot drink. And it foams just the way you want it to. The perfect choice for all the pro (and non-pro) baristas.

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DUG Unsweetened

No added sugar, just pure great tasting potato-based goodness. This one’s for all those who want a great tasting plant-based drink but with less sweetness. Just as good at getting that foam perfect as it is enjoyable on its own.

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