Ask Eva Tornberg, our founder and professor emerita at Lund University


  • What are Eva's motivations?
  • What is Eva's background?
  • What has Eva patented?
  • Why choose research in food science?


  • Why potatoes?
  • What's unique about potato protein?
  • Do potatoes make you fat?
  • Do you use the whole potato?
  • How are potatoes sustainable?
  • Why are potatoes better than oats?
  • Why is potato milk better than cow's milk?


  • Why did you choose the name DUG?
  • What does DUG taste like?
  • In what way is DUG allergen-friendly?
  • Does DUG only cater to vegetarians?
  • What's the difference between DUG Barista, Original and Unsweetened?


  • How did student research help create an ice cream?
  • The climate crisis – should we just give up?
  • What are the challenges with plant based meat?