Food manufacturing

A genius choice

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Who are we?

It all started when Eva Tornberg, Professor in Food Technology at the world-renowned University of Lund, Sweden, was completing an assignment for the starch industry. During her research, she discovered the unique qualities and intriguing benefits of potatoes.

The sustainability and versatility aspects of potato power make it a clear winner in allergen friendly plant-based food applications. Benefiting not only vegan consumers looking for more choice and improved flavour profiles but also more environmentally conscious consumers as well as those with intolerances/allergies.

The secret behind our potato based DUG Unsweetened Food Service lies in a patented mixture of potatoes and rapeseed oil. It is that which binds everything together and gives DUG its unique characteristics.

We supply

We currently supply our DUG Unsweetened plant-based milk alternative product in 1 litre Tetra Pak or bulk format, 20 litre Bag-in-Box, suitable for large industrial and food manufacturing usage to the European and UK markets.

We already have major UK ready meals producers using DUG in their ready meals as well as branded ready meals suppliers using DUG to benefit from its allergen friendly and sustainability credentials.

Along with the capability to produce larger bulk formats (up to 500 litre), we have also had manufacturers creating ice cream and baked goods from DUG, there are few limits as to what could be made.

What we do!

DUG Unsweetened Food Service is the chef’s favourite, working across both sweet and savoury dishes. It’s higher fat and sugar free profile allows it to be used just like dairy milk to make white sauces, curries, pasta sauces and a myriad of other delicious dishes.

We use the potato, which offers a subtle, more neutral taste profile and it benefits from being free of the most common allergens making it ideal for working in products that are consumed by people with intolerances or allergies.

DUG Original

Pour it in your cereal bowl, mix it into your smoothies, put it in your hot drinks, use it for cooking your favourite dishes or just enjoy it by the glass. DUG Original is your new everyday hero, fit for every occasion.

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DUG Barista

Coffee lovers: meet your new best friend. DUG Barista is a delicious potato-based drink designed to add creaminess to any hot drink. And it foams just the way you want it to. The perfect choice for all the pro (and non-pro) baristas.

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DUG Unsweetened

No added sugar, just pure great tasting potato-based goodness. This one’s for all those who want a great tasting plant-based drink but with less sweetness. Just as good at getting that foam perfect as it is enjoyable on its own.

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